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We repair washing machines, and all kitchen appliances, ensuring proper functionality of your appliances. Call Us Now: (818)334-4275

About Us

Deon Appliance Repair Service is a long-serving licensed appliance repair company operating in Arleta. For most people, kitchen appliances are an absolute necessity as they simplify our every day home chores. From the latest technology powered appliances to the older models, you need to make sure they remain fully functional. We understand that domestic appliances are important in your home and so we offer a speedy repair service. At Deon Appliance Repair Service, we focus on ensuring that we use the right replacement components when repairing different appliances. This makes us the most trusted Arleta appliances repair company. For all your requirements on replacement of faulty appliance components, call us.

We repair washing machines, and all kitchen appliances, ensuring proper functionality of your appliances. If you are looking for a technician who will assist you in repairing appliances, Deon Appliance Repair Service is your best partner. Call us on (818)334-4275 to schedule a service. We offer the following services.

Deon Appliance Repair Service

Our Services


Washing Machine Repair and Installation

Your washing machine handles your dirty linen, and hence it is a very useful machine helping you to stay smart without much struggle. With a functional washing machine, you can wash all your clothes at the touch of the button even without having to bend. Deon Appliance Repair Service offers you professional washing machine maintenance services. We help our customers when it comes to ensuring that the washing machine is at optimal performance. when you notice a strange noise coming from the washing machine, it is advisable that you have it checked by a qualified professional.

Oven and Cooktop Repair Services in Arleta

We all know that the oven helps in more than one ways. Whether for baking snacks for your children or a birthday cake for your friend, the oven is an important appliance. When such an important appliance is broken down, you need a professional for its repair. Are you looking for the best Arleta Cooktop repair company? Contact Deon Appliance Repair Service, the professional home appliances servicing company. We help our customers when it comes to ensuring the home appliances stay fully functional.

Dryer Repair Services

Another home appliance that is common in most households is the dryer. The dryer is important for your laundry work, and hence you need it to be fully functional. Deon Appliance Repair Service offers dryer repair services in Arleta. We service different dryer brands and we will advise when the dryer is fully out of order and irreparable. Therefore, talk to our experts today to have your dryer fixed. If you realized that the dryer is not functioning, as it should, you need to hire a professional to help you fix it immediately.

Microwave Repair

Our Arleta Appliance repair team will help get your microwave back to the fully functional condition. You do not need to worry when your microwave starts making a loud grinding noise as Deon Appliance Repair Service will ensure it is repaired and fully functional. Therefore, when hiring us for microwave repair services, we will come fully equipped with proper tools and spare parts to make sure it is back to a functional state. We have the knowledge required for servicing different microwave brands and we will ensure that we do the best to get it back into condition.

Ice Maker Repair services

At Deon Appliance Repair Service, we are your number one technicians for appliances repair. We offer fair pricing on icemaker repair services, ensuring no hidden charges. We offer same day service, equipped with proper diagnostic tools to ensure that we serve you. A broken icemaker should not cause you inconveniences. Your business should not come to a stop because of a faulty icemaker. We will ensure that we respond immediately and fix the icemaker so that you are back to business. We offer affordable prices for icemaker repair services.

Appliance Repair and Installation

Proper appliance installation is key to ensuring that your appliances remain at a fully functional state. That is why, if you are not handy, you need a professional for appliances installation. Deon Appliance Repair Service offers you professional appliance installation just to make sure proper operational status is maintained throughout.

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